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Yannick Brossard, 

Automotive & life style photographer / director



Yannick Brossard, born 1976 in Paris, began his career in the field of photography in 2001. Self-taught, he worked in a traditional film laboratory for two years, and witnessed the emergence of digital technologies in the professional world.
These new technologies allow more flexibility and less bulky devices, he embarks in 2003 on a trip to Argentina, to develop its shooting capabilities and to discover Latin America, the antipodes of France. The meetings he will make during this trip will allow him to work with great Argentine photographers, as assistant and digital retoucher.

With his many experiences and references accumulated abroad, Yannick returned to France in 2005, and began freelance retouching. He will work mainly in fashion and advertising for Vogue, Numéro and Elle, among other prestigious brands..

His skills and his strong sense of customer relationship will enable him to work for large companies, both in the actual realisation and in a consulting role in relation to these communications media, which have become essential today.

Today, Yannick Brossard works mainly in the Automotive sector producing catalogs, advertisements, press kits or commercial movie. He completes his work with « corporate » or human reports, details, and industry are put forward. Yannick also accompanies car brands in the follow-up of vehicle design (genesis).

Yannick has a team at his side, allowing him to accompany him in the realization of film or retouching.